Marianna Bostan

Student Jury

Marianna Bostan was born in 1991 in Kiev. She is a 4th year student at Kyiv National Linguistic University, faculty of Roman Philology (Spanish department). Marianna has a huge interest in contemporary art and documentary films. She worked as a volunteer at Docudays UA, 2010 and Docudays UA 2011. “Why do I like Docudays? Perhaps, because of the atmosphere which fill the Cinema Hall during the festival. These days Cinema Hall becomes alive. I admire observing the audience which is concerned about the documentaries and crucial social issues of our time. Real events, real problems, real emotions of the heroes, which go off the screen and touch the soul of each viewer, provoke diverse reactions and multiple senses; however, they do not leave indifferent. A capacity to affect everybody might be the most fundamental advantage of documentary films behind fiction movies. For me a documentary film is a mirror which reflects our life, our present time. To look in this mirror is extremely interesting, since its picture does not repeat. Each time we look in it, we discover something new. And along with its changes we can feel the changes in ourselves – it creates us”.