March 23: What is worth watching

22 March 2014

Except for the competition screenings, the detailed information on which you can find on our web-site, Docudays UA offers numerous non-competition events. We remind you that the festival takes place in three locations: Cinema House, Kinopanorama cinema, and Kyiv cinema. Entrance is free.


Briefly about the most interesting.



Sofia's Last Ambulance, dir. Ilian Metev, Bulgaria-Croatia-Germany, 2012, 78'

The regular working day of Dr. Krassi, nurse Mila and driver Plamen, a team working on an ambulance – one of 13 in Sofia with population of several million. Struggling against an avalanche of absurdities in a crumbling medical system and scarcely earning enough to make a living, these three are simply trying to do what they do best – save lives.

Q&A with sound recordist.

Kyiv Cinema. Red Hall. 4 pm.



Bahrain – The Forbidden Country, dir. Stéphanie Lamorré, France, 2012, 52’

Bahrain, the forgotten country of the Arab Spring, is a small monarchy in the Persian Gulf. The local inhabitants alro rose up in 2011. But the world didn’t notice them, seeing the country as a rich and modern Western ally.

Q&A with director.

Cinema House. Blue Hall. 5 pm.



Loli Kali Shuba, dir. Oleksandr Balahura, Ukraine, 2013, 52' 

‘Loli Kali Shuba’ is the name Roma kids in Transcarpathia call a ladybug. They play with it, hold it in their hands and sing songs. Time goes by and the kids grow up. Where are they now?

Q&A with director and producer

Cinema House. Blue Hall. 7 pm.



Two, Russia, 1992, 29'

Two deals with the everyday life and struggles of the widowed artist and architect Mikhail Schigol after his wife’s death in a car crash, and his son Daniel, who suffers from deafness and cerebral palsy.

Interpretation of Dreams, Russia, 1989, 49' 

This Freudian feature documentary, produced during perestroika, introduced the world of Freud’s ideas to audiences in the former Soviet Union for the first time, since his works had been banned by Communist Party censorship. The film is structured as a journey through time starting from the Lumière brothers’ Arrival of a Train, presented in 1896 (the year when Freud published his Interpretation of Dreams) to 1939, when Freud died. The film juxtaposes a dialog between the filmmaker and the patriarch of psychoanalyses himself with the history of the Soviet Union and Europe.

Q&A with director

Cinema House. Blue Hall. 9 pm.


DOCU/CLASS workshop

Andrei Zagdansky’s master class: A director’s inner film

Simultaneous interpreting

Film director and producer. He has made a number of feature films: Vasia (2002), Kostantin and Mouse (2006), Orange Winter (2007), and My Father Evgeni (2010). The latter won the Laurel Branch national prize as the best international film in Moscow. Currently he is working on a feature dedicated to Vahrych Bakhchanian, Vahrych and the Black Square

Kinopanorama. The Small Hall. 12 pm.


Dmytro Tyazhlov's master class: IndieLab 2013: Practical master class in documentary film 

Simultaneous interpreting 

Dmytro Tiazhlov’s workshop will be based on the experience of the Indie Lab project – a two months practical course in documentary filmmaking held by American and Ukrainian professionals. The project resulted in the almanac of documentary shorts “Ukraine_Voices”. At the workshop you will understand why an edited video is not yet a film, learn to prepare for a documentary shooting, create an episode plan and process lengthy daily rushes, as well as start a distribution of your film.

Kinopanorama. The Small Hall. 2 pm.

 31 — 9 
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