Comments about Docudays UA-2017

05 April 2017

We are still living with memories about the festival week and are happy to read feedback about the 13th Docudays UA. Because the most precious thing in our festival – is the impressions it gives to our viewers and guests, who have taken a part of the festival with them to different countries of the world.


I just really want to say thank you for taking such good care of your guests at Docudays UA this year. I can't remember a festival where I felt so warmly received and very well organised. Also a big cheer for your strict and professional volunteers! I wish you some restful days to find the motivation to repeat it all again next year and I respect the great work you are doing!

Bridgid O’Shea, jury member of DOCU/SHORT and DOCU/UKRAINE competition programmes


Docudays UA was one of my favorite festivals that I attended with my film. The program was great and the festival community was warm and inclusive. But most interesting to me was encountering some of the most passionate audiences for documentary that I have ever seen. It is clear to me that the documentary field in Ukraine is in an exciting place now. It was exhilarating to feel part of this scene during my stay at the festival.

David Borenstein, director of ‘Dream Empire’ film


Docudays UA Kiev: Form Comes First, which is of course a simplification but I was thinking of it several times during the days here in Kiev, where the Docudays goes on, one of those many festivals, less known, compared to IDFA, CPH:DOX, DOKLeipzig and Hotdocs BUT with a high quality selection and, as far as I have been able to register attending a handful of screenings, full houses. With a professional relaxed atmosphere.

Tue Steen Muller, film expert, mentor in Warscape, DOCWORKS: UA/UK projects


Thank you for inviting be to the festival and big congratulations. I have been impressed how well organized festival is. You are really doing great work. All different aspects of the good festival have been at the place and everything was going on smoothly. It is obvious that festival is organized by experienced and dedicated team.

Igor Blazevic, jury member of DOCU/RIGHTS competition programme


About Dixie Land by Roman Bondarchuk: bravo for the jazz, i'm very happy for the director - it's an undeniable lifelong pleasure to have done a genuine feelgood movie.

Boris Mitic, director, mentor in DOCWORKS: UA/UK project


Thank you for these great days in Kyiv. I enjoyed very much working with the film makers. There are really strong projects, that certainly will turn in to great films. Please encourage film makers to contact me if they need my advice. And the screening of my film was very nice. Great response, sensitive and educated audience.

Audrius Stonys, director of ‘Woman and the Glacier’ film, mentor in DOCWORKS: UA/UK project


My heart was breaking when the time has come to finish the discussion “City for All. How Kyiv Can Become an Inclusive City” at RIGHTS NOW! programme. I am grateful to all of its participants for very intense and motivating discussion on how to make our city more accessible and friendly, and for sharing their experience of implementing inclusivity into urban space. Our future lies in new generation of education for city planners and city managers, for whom inclusivity and universal design will be an obvious necessity. Many thanks to the festival team for creation of space for discussion and help with organization.

Igor Tyshchenko, researcher of cities, expert of CEDOS center


Back in Bucharest and just wanted to thank you again for the opportunity to attend your beautiful festival and get to know Kyiv for what it truly is. Thank you for taking such good care of us, and you should know we were very impressed with the Q&A and only hope we raised to the expectations.

Șerban Georgescu, director of ‘Cabbage, Potatoes and other Demons’ film


I participated in 7 events of RIGHTS NOW! Programme, in one panel discussion, and I even gave a speech. For me, Docudays was a meeting point for extraordinary, profound and important people and ideas. I wanted more and more. My thoughts keep returning to some of the questions and conclusions. I want this after-taste to stay with me until the next Festival.

Inna Indutna, field organizer in East European, Caucasus and Central Asia region at


Docudays UA was a wonderful sister-sister time. In spite of the age difference, we’ve shared this experience and sensations, learning something new together. I would like to thank you for the opportunity to explain difficult things to my sister using the language of cinema. For instance, thanks to “Joe’s Violin” we’ve addressed the topic of Holocaust through the living memory of architect and violin player. DOCU/Youth program is my favorite! Thanks to every organizer of DOC/SADOC. It’s an incredibly valuable work. 6 days there must be equal to a year at school. Now my sister Katya knows what climate changes and recycling are, how to write letters to political prisoners, how to conduct interviews, what life in West Africa looks like, what a battery consists of, why usage of plastic should be reduced, what is the Earth Day, and how to speak publicly. Civic education in action.

Yuliya Popova, coordinator of “Promotion of Democracy” program at Heinrich Böll Foundation in Ukraine

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