How to talk with children and teens about human rights

19 March 2018

This year, the intense RIGHTS NOW! program will also include events that will target exclusively children and teenagers. Kateryna Lutska has prepared a guide to the events which the whole family can attend!


On Saturday, March 24, the IZONE Creative Space will host a gender party titled For Me It’s All Purple, which will have zones for children, teenagers and adults. In a game, psychologists will offer the youngest guests to learn about gender identity, tolerance and building friendly relationships with other children. Teenagers will have a chance to speak frankly with psychologists about their first dates and relationships. And adults will learn how to resist violence in professional, private and family life, and how to oppose bullying among children.


The secrets of successful and popular YouTube videos will be discussed at the masterclass on How to Create a Popular YouTube Video. During the event, the tutors will offer the participants to look at the YouTube videos as a tool for achieving social change, and tell them about the stages of video making: from an idea to social media promotion. And most importantly, the participants will have a chance to test the theory in practice by joining the filming crew and creating a video which will be posted online.


Are parents and teachers today ready to give children the right to choose the format and pace of learning for themselves? This question and the project of “New Ukrainian school”, which is currently being developed by the Ministry of Education and Science in cooperation with NGOs, will be discussed during the event Searching for Balance: Is Equality in Secondary Education Possible? In addition, parents of children who chose homeschooling for themselves will share their experience. And the event itself will be moderated by teenagers.


It turns out that the National Council on Television and Radio has had a working group for developing the rules of children’s protection against harmful and potentially harmful content for two years now. However, developing the document is only half of the work. It is much harder to make the owners of media corporations to sign it, because, apparently, Ukrainian media groups are not ready for self-regulation to limit the broadcast of content which is harmful for underage audience. The search for compromise will take place at the roundtable Content which Is Harmful for Children in the Media: What to Do?, where the participants will talk about children’s rights in media space and about the corresponding changes in the bill on audiovisual media services.


Entry to the events of human rights program is free!


Text: Kateryna Lutska

Header photo: Docudays UA

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