Aliona Penzii

Aliona Penzii is a researcher at the Dovzhenko Centre as well as a film critic and cultural manager. Since 2018 she has been working at the Dovzhenko Centre, where she focuses on the history of Ukrainian non-fiction film. She has organised retrospectives of Ukrainian animation at international and Ukrainian venues (ANIMATOR, The Cinémathèque Française, StopTrik, LINOLEUM). She co-curated the film programmes at the Dnipro Center for Contemporary Culture (DCCC). She is a member of the Union of the Ukrainian Film Critics, and a board member at the KINOKOLO National Film Critics Award. As a film critic she has contributed to LB.ua, Ukrainska Pravdaand other media.

The Union of the Ukrainian Film Critics is a Ukrainian non-profit created in 2018 to associate Ukrainian film critics and encourage & develop cinema culture in Ukraine. The UUFC jury works at many Ukrainian film festivals and gives special filmmaking achievement awards.