Breaking into Baikonur (Байконур. Вторгнення)

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Russian, Ukrainian

Compromising on their own lives, two Ukrainian researchers go to the classified territory of Cosmodrome Baikonur to watch the launch of the Soyuz rocket.

The protagonist, researcher Dmytro Gromov, and the cameraman Angel Angelov are embarking on a dangerous expedition: both have to cross about 50 km of inhospitable desert in order to illegally enter Baikonur’s protected hangars and observe the launch of the rocket. The men are risking being taken to jail if found by the Russian military. Under such unfavorable circumstances, the protagonist is discovering his own personality traits which he was not aware of before: in vulnerability and fear, he is now inclined to quit his endeavor altogether. The adrenaline of discovery finally overtakes the fear of getting caught. An investigation of the classified object turns into an exploration of the self.

Directing: Angel Angelov
DOP: Angel Angelov
Sound: Artem Baburin
Music: Dmytro Avksentiev
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