Ivan's Land (Земля Івана)

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Ivan Prikhodko is one of the last folk painters in Ukrane. He is self-taught, he lives in a village and his art is simple and naive. Will he give up his small village house for a glamorous life in the city, will he swap the banks of the Dinper, fields and gardens for art galleries and a society of critics and agents?

The film tells about Ivan Prykhodko - one of the last folk artists of Ukraine. He is self-taught, lives in the village and everything that comes from under his brushes or the difference is naive and honest art. Ivan is a real rich man - his world perception, his inner world is full of beauty and joy. One day Ivan's paintings are searched for in an exhibition at the Art Arsenal, the country's main exhibition center. Does he exchange a small village hut for glamorous city life, the floods of the Dnieper, gardens and fields - for gallery halls and a society of art critics and agents?

Directing: Andriy Lysetsky
Script: Andrii Lysetskiy
DOP: Andrii Lysetskiy
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18 Docudays UA – Main Prize DOCU/UKRAINE.

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