Up in the air (В повітрі)

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A young Ukrainian circus acrobat, aged 8, is developing his skills and performance up in the air. A century-old circus building and local government officials challenge the path to his dream.

Up in the Air is a story about children who develop their skills at the Old Circus circus studio. Five years ago, supposedly for the purpose of reorganization, government officials closed the Old Circus building without offering the studio a different training venue. The 8-year-old Sasha dreams of becoming a circus artist and surprising the audience with his performance in the air. He does not remember the circus well. But his coach Eugene spent 80 percent of his life training at the Old Circus. Now Eugene does shows on international cruise liners. He no longer associates his life with Ukraine. Sasha loves the circus. But it may happen that he will have to work on cruise liners, not as an artist in a circus arena.

Directing: Oksana Syhareva
Production: Anna Kapustina
Total budget: €145000
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