Dr. Bohdan Shumylovych

producer, researcher
Historian and art historian, coordinator of exhibitions and Urban Video collection (2008-2011), researcher and head of the Urban Media Archive (2011-2019), head of the Public history projects (2020 – present).

Bohdan Shumylovych obtained a master’s degree in modern history from the Central European University (Budapest, Hungary, 2004-2005), a diploma in art history from the L’viv Academy of Arts (Ukraine, 1993-1999). He was a fellow of several grant programs and worked with the archive of the Faculty of Visual Arts at George Washington University, Washington (USA) and the archive of Open Society Institute (www.osaarchivum.org), in Budapest. In 2020 he has received a PhD from the European University Institute in Florence.

At the Center for Urban History (L’viv) he coordinates the Public history program, gives lectures, participates in the development of the Centre for Urban History’s thematic exhibitions, and carries out research.

The Tree (2019, producer)

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