The Docudays UA Friends Club

Regulations, PDF

We are starting a club for fans of documentary films who love them as much as our Festival team does.


We want to get to know you better, create a community of like-minded people, recruit the support of people who share our values. In order to see you at our parties and ceremonies more often, to get feedback, to engage you in discussions, to make the Festival even better together.


The conditions of participation in the club are simple: you help DOCUDAYS UA grow, and we thank you for it with nice bonuses throughout the year!



Minimum contribution — 2,500 UAH:

-       pass for the March Festival in Kyiv;

-       souvenir package of the Festival;

-       poster of the March Festival;

-       invitation to the Festival’s Closing Ceremony and the afterparty;

-       invitation to special screenings throughout the year;

-       if they wish, we publish the citizen’s name on the Festival websites.



Minimum contribution — 25,000 UAH:

-       two passes for attending the March Festival;

-       extended souvenir package of the Festival;

-       poster of the March Festival with autographs of the authors;

-       Festival programme and catalogue;

-       invitations to the Festival Opening and Closing Ceremonies for two people;

-       invitation to the Festival Birthday Party and the Christmas Party;

-       jam session with the DOCUDAYS UA team, where we can talk in person about your experience of attending the Festival, ideas for its development, and watch  documentaries together. 


~ All private individuals can become a DOCU/CITIZEN.

~ The DOCU/CITIZEN status is non-transferable and valid for 12 months.

~ For more information, please contact the coordinator at: [email protected]

~ The information on where and how to collect your gifts will be sent to everyone a few days before the Festival.


Regulations of the Docudays UA Friends Club are available via the link.


DOCUDAYS UA Human Rights Documentary Film Festival is looking for partners and benefactors for our individual projects. By joining the support for DOCUDAYS UA, you help make social problems visible and support an independent film festival in Ukraine. If you are a legal entity and want to support our activities, please also contact the Friends Club coordinator, Sabina Asadova, at: [email protected]

 31 — 9 
June 2024