Documentary Studio

We invite children from across Ukraine to participate in the DOCU/CAMP Documentary Studio and challenge our habits together.

This year, the DOCU/CAMP Documentary Studio will take place online on 20–28 March. By combining theory and practice, the kids will have an opportunity to take an intensive basic documentary filmmaking course in the format of selfie observation. The course will be curated by filmmakers Anna Korzh and Anna Lysun, cinematographer Oleksandra Lunina, and animation director Hanna Kryvonos.


Morning exercise instead of playing on your phone, refraining from eating your favorite cake, a day without sugar or jogging in the morning. At the Documentary Studio, we will offer the children to reconsider their habits through a camera lens. We will look closely at changes in how each participant feels, what mood they are in. And the filmmaker and animator Hanna Kryvonos will record these transformations together with the children in stop motion animation.


Documentary self-observations of the Studio participants, combined with animation, will form a documentary anthology which will tell the story of how it feels to challenge yourself.


The Documentary Studio will take the form of a workshop and involve participation in online discussions every day for three hours. We ask the participants to make sure in advance that they have a camera and a microphone during the online classes.

We invite children aged 11 to 16 to participate.


Participation in the programme is free of charge.


Deadline: 12 March 2021

The selection results will be announced on 15 March.

 31 — 9 
June 2024