Tender for providing transportation for the participants

Non-governmental organisation Docudays announces a tender competition for providing transportation for the participants of the 21st Docudays UA International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival

Offers should be submitted in Ukrainian until 6:00 p.m. on 8 May 2024 via email to [email protected]. Make sure to write “tender transportation for participants” in the email subject.

Any questions and/or requests for explanations regarding submitting offers for the tender competition are to be sent in writing to the email address [email protected].

To submit an offer, you need the following documents:
· a tender offer in accordance with the technical specifications (download here)
· information about the tender participant (download here)

· a letter confirming that the candidate is not in a situation of exclusion.*

The prices must be listed in the all-inclusive format. The price offer must be defined as the percentage amount of the service fee for the services provided.

The buyer reserves the right to hold negotiations or request explanations before determining the winner. The tender winner will be determined on 8 May 2024.
The winner will be the candidate whose offer fulfils the instructions in the tender announcement, technical specifications, and is the most beneficial for the buyer in terms of cost, guarantees, and delivery.

*The candidate or tender participant will not be allowed to participate in the purchasing procedure if:

1) it is bankrupt, falls under the procedure of insolvency or liquidation, its assets are managed by a liquidator or court, it has made an agreement with creditors, its economic activities have been suspended or it is in any similar situation that follows from a similar procedure provided for by national law or legislative acts;

2) it was determined by a final court decision or final administrative decision that the candidate/competition participant is guilty of committing a serious professional misconduct by violating the current law or legislative acts or the ethical standards of the profession which the candidate/competition participant belongs to, or by committing any illegal behaviour that affects their professional reputation, if such behaviour reveals criminal intent or gross negligence, including, among other things, any of the actions listed below:

i) intentional or negligent distortion of information required to verify the lack of reasons for exclusion or fulfilment of the selection criteria, or during contract fulfilment;

ii) making agreements with other economic entities for the purpose of distorting competition;

iii) intellectual property rights violations;

iv) attempts to influence the process of decision making by the buyer during the purchasing procedure; or

v) attempts to obtain confidential information that can provide it with illegitimate advantages in the purchasing procedure;

3) it was determined by a final court decision or a final administrative decision that the tender candidate is violating its obligations regarding the payment of taxes or social security contributions in accordance with the current law;

4) it was determined by a final court decision that the candidate/competition participant or individuals authorised to represent it or control its decision making are guilty of fraud, corruption, participation in a criminal organisation, money laundering, funding terrorism, using child labour (or any other forms of human trafficking) or any other illegal activities that damage the interests of the Buyer, the State of Ukraine, the State of Sweden or the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida);

5) the tender participant has demonstrated significant shortcomings in fulfilling its core obligations while implementing the contract funded by Sida or the Buyer, which has led to an early termination of legal obligations or to the application of a penalty or other agreed sanctions, or which has been discovered as a result of checks, audits, or investigations; or

6) the candidate/competition participant, its subsidiary, another company that belongs to the same group of companies, its consortium partner or another affiliated entity are on the list of restrictive measures of Ukraine or the EU. The lists of entities, individuals, groups, organisations which are affected by the EU restrictive measures are published on the website: www.sanctionsmap.eu. 

Candidates or tender participants must verify with a letter in their tender offers that they are not in any of the situations listed above.

Contacts for information:

Non-governmental organisation "Docudays"/Docudays UA International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival

Oleksandra Piskova, Purchasing Manager 

+38 097 670 27 6712

[email protected]

 31 — 9 
June 2024
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