The Eleventh Year at the KHLIB ethnic festival

04 August 2014

Docudays UA and National Oleksandr Dovzhenko Centre to show The Eleventh Year by Dziga Vertov at KHLIB ethnic festival.


On Friday, August 8th, Docudays UA International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival and National Oleksandr Dovzhenko Centre will present the restored version of The Eleventh by Dziga Vertov (1928, Ukrainian SSR) with Anton Baibakov’s score. The event will take place at Obyrok art village as a part of KHLIB festival. 


The Eleventh Year is one of the first avant-garde films made by Dziga Vertov in Ukraine. The eleventh year of Soviet rule was a period of industrialization, as well as the building of DniproHES and other giants of Soviet industry. The director intentionally focused on this non-anniversary year to avoid holiday shows and official government celebrations. The camera is focused only on the most important thing, which is work – the tireless construction of a new socialist reality in Ukraine. Vertov said that The Eleventh Year was written directly by the movie camera, without the mediation of a script, and that the camera had replaced the writer’s pen. This allowed Vertov to claim that he had invented a pure cinematic language (deeply socialist at the same time), in which the camera deals directly with the raw material of the facts.


The soundtrack is written with Docudays UA’s support by Ukrainian composer Anton Baibakov who’s been working with music scores since 1998. Baibakov is an independent performer cooperating with known Ukrainian music bands (DakhaBrakha, Katya Chilly) and also working as a film sound director. In 2006 he was awarded for the score for The Portrait Painted by the Depth (dir. by Lesya Matsko). In 2011 he got two prizes for best soundtracks at Ibiza International Film Festival, Spain (I’m not Telling by Igor Kopylov) and Open Night Film Festival, Ukraine (Hoydalka by Serhiy Myronenko).


The screening will be followed by the discussion with Anton Baibakov.



Obyrok art village was founded in 2007 in place of an abandoned farmstead in Chernihiv region. Within almost 7 years it has hosted more than 3000 people from 27 countries. Details at,



National Oleksandr Dovzhenko Centre is a government facility consisting of the national fiction film archive and the film copying laboratory. In fact it’s a Ukrainian national film library and the only Ukrainian member of the FIAF. 


Oleksandr Dovzhenko Centre is the only government facility in Ukraine to support preservation, renovation, studies of, and increase in National Film Fund of Ukraine. It conducts research in cinematography, edits and publishes reference materials on the history of cinematography and specialized film editions. One of the Centre’s objectives is to popularize Ukrainian filmmaking.


According to the Law on cinematography, all initial materials of all Ukrainian-made films produced (in particular, partly) with governmental financial assistance, should be stored at the National Dovzhenko Centre. Details at:

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