February 12: Prsentation of "pre-Lumière" film apparati

10 February 2014

In the course of the Skill Bill education project organized by MPM and  FILM.UA GROUP, a unique exhibition of filmmaking equipment dedicated to 120th anniversary of the first Ukrainian moving pictures screening. 


It is not widely known that cinematography was born in Odessa. In the summer of 1983 a local engineer Iosyp Tymchenko, a self-taught mechanic at Novorossia (Odessa) University designed and crafted the world first shooting apparatus. On the 7th of November, 1983, the Odeskyi Lystok newspaper informed its readers that, at the Frantsia Hotel, an exhibition of live photographs cinematized with a help of electric machine, an “electrotachyoscope”, was about to open. That event took place two years before the first cinematic screening by the Lumière brothers. The fact is documented in the history of filmmaking, still the very fact of a unique apparatus – a simpler and more efficient one - brought to life by Iosyp Tymchenko has been ignored up to these days not only by the global science and art community, but also by Ukrainian historians.


On February 12th everybody will have an opportunity to witness and experience Tymchenko’s reconstructed apparatus and attend an interesting lecture on archaeology and cinematography.


Project authors:

Sergii Gavrylenko, historian and theorist of cinematography, archaeologist specialized in cinematography, advisor at Royal Society for Eastern European cinematography archaeology , leading designer and science advisor of the project; 

Nester Kislenko, engineer at filmmaking facility of Karpenko-Kary National University of Theater, Cinema and Television in Kyiv, lead product engineer;

Viktor Krupskyi, head of filmmaking facility of Karpenko-Kary National University of Theater, Cinema and Television in Kyiv, project engineer;

Sergii Gavrylenko, film director, producer, member of the Ukrainian Association of Cinematographers


Opening at 6:30 PM at: Kyiv, vul. Zakrevskoho, 22, Pravda Cinema, entrance #2. 

25 – 
April 2022