Docudays UA's Art War at ZAHIDFEST

12 August 2014

On August 8th, Art War was screened at the Friday film marathon at ZAHIDFEST art festival. The screening was organized by Docudays UA in cooperation with Amnesty International. The festival itself took place on August 8th-10th at Rodatychi village near Lviv. Amidst of riffs by famous Ukrainian and foreign bands, dance craze and picturesque landscapes, the organizers suggested reflecting on art as the most dangerous and effective weapon. ZAHIDFEST is simultaneously a location and a vector of drive. It’s a direction for our social thrills, worries, and desires.


In his Art War (2014, Germany), director Marco Wilms persuades the viewer that art is the best weapon. In Cairo, where after 30 years of autocratic rule President Mubarak has been ousted from his chair by the people, this principle is still working. Today’s streets belong to them – young rebels and artists. Graffitists and painters make the walls talk. The days of struggle become live with their bleeding portraits, days of anarchy – with their mind-breaking collages, their attempts to break free their oppressed sexuality – in their obscene drawings. 


Cooperation between Docudays UA and Amnesty International has become a year-by-year tradition. Last year we presented our joint screening at the Franko.Misiya International Art Festival.

ZAHIDFEST is annual Ukrainian festival of contemporary art that annually takes place in Lviv region. This year the festival has been held at Charivna Dolyna hotel and resort complex in village ov Rodatychi, Lviv oblast.


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