Instagram competition: show the country’s environment

22 December 2016

Starting today, Docudays UA invites everyone to participate in an Instagram competition dedicated to the ecological problems in Ukraine- #eсоokо.


The idea was inspired by #everydayclimatechange photo project. Exhibition of it’s best photos will take place during Docudays UA 2017.


#EveryDayClimateChange is an Instagram feed where more than 40 photographers from 5 continents tell about the consequences of global warming all over the world.


“Take, for example, a photo of a lonely spruce standing in the middle of a glade in Alberta, Canada. This country is one of the worl'd biggest distributors of woodwork, and as result is one of the world leaders in destruction of untouched forests. This results not only in destruction of flora and fauna, soil erosion, floods and droughts. Destruction of forests has long consequences, too: it contributes to the climate change on earth, influencing everyone of us directly. This is a present-day problem not only for Canada: forest areas in Ukraine are decreasing rapidly, too, - says Nadiya Chushak, Docudays UA human rights program coordinator. - Lack of recycling culture, overconsumption, and even tourism are destroying the environment. These problems are very real for Ukraine, too. We encourage all the participants of the competition to document them with their cameras".


#ecоokо aims to combine photography, ecoactivism and social networks to show the cosequences of climat change on our planet, tell about these processes and encourage people to fight them together. Because climate change is everyday reality for all of us, and it demands determined and united counter-action.


The competition organized by our festival aims to draw attention of the active citizens of Ukraine not only to the global problem of climate change, but to the more specific negative influences of human activity on the environment. We encourage everyone to participate in the competition by uploading your works (photos with description text) to Instagram with hashtags #eсоokо and #DocudaysUA. The works should document the harmful influence of human activity on environment in Ukraine and/or show the ways of solving ecological problems.


For the detailed conditions of the competition follow the link below.


Application deadline for all the works is February 28th 2017.


The competition is organized with the support of the Heinrich Böll Foundation’s Office in Ukraine. The project is supported by NGO “Ukrainian youth climate association”.

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