New opportunities for the youngest

04 March 2016

Last year was the first time we offered a children DOC/SADOC program for the youngest festival guests. After the warm feedback from children and their parents we have decided keep this good tradition in 2016.


DOC/SADOC is a space where parents can leave their children to professional teachers and let them join the exciting documentary world. We asked the coordinator of the space Iulja Sobol to share her impressions about discoveries of the last year and opportunities offered by the DOC/SADOC this year.


“This is a place for learning, exchange and discoveries. A space where everything happened at once. Last year we were talking about tolerance and differences between people. I had no such conversations in my school time. Noone told me about disabled people or people with visual impairments. It is important to talk about these things with children. And discover other worlds.


This year, keeping up with the festival concept, we’d like to talk about illusions. From different points. We will explore visual illusions in the city. We have lots of historic objects that don’t exist now, though they used to be significant for Kyiv. For example, Sinnyi market - it was a place to collect and share experiences. We will discuss and recreate these objects on the city map in certain way.


Along with the main entertainment and educational program we organize a documentary school for children 9-14 years old. They will meet the young directors Alina Stepanenko and Dina Barinova. Dina is also a teacher at the screen art studio “Telescope” in Voronezh.


It is very important to talk to children about their childhood illusions. Which of them do they have to leave behind during adolescence? Or things they thought as children that came out to be different later. What is “real” and “imaginary”?


Children often don’t have enough time to capture and explain the reality around them during adolescence. It’s impotant to talk this over in group. This is a search for truth of some sort - in a group you can share it with. And an opportunity for children to find themselves in a new community.”


DOC/SADOC is a place with children’s room for the youngest children 3 to 6 years old and also master classes and educational conversations for children 6 to 12. Teenagers can join the Documentary school (9 to 14 years old).

DOC/SADOC schedule and master classes list will be announced soon on our website and in the social media.

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