Stories about home: Docudays UA is going to visit a festival in Vinnytsia

25 May 2016

On 27th of May Docudays UA special short film selection will be shown during «Intermezzo» International story festival. Four films chosen for the Vinnytsia screening are stories about lost and found home and search for identity.


«Intermezzo» International story festival will take place in Vinnytsia on 26-29 of May. In addition to literature component the organizers have prepaired an intensive movie program, including discussion “A to cinema”. The participants will read scripts, watch short films and discuss how literature gives birth to cinema. Program includes the first short film night by «Wiz-Art» і CO «SUK» festival. Documentaries about Crimea are also an important part of the film program.


“Thanks to wide geography, incredibly different characters, themes and esthetic approaches the selected films expose concept of “home” in a deep and unexpected way”, says Darya Bassel, program coordinator. “#73” is a travel film, an unusual road movie. The hero is a curd who wanders around desert looking for his parents. They left their home village escaping from genocide. The film is soaked with horror and suffering caused by the loss of home, the violent separation from home land. “The Nest” focuses on painful everyday theme of loneliness. Parents who raised their children are left alone in an empty house. Waiting is all that remains: waiting for a phonecall, for a visit, for news. The house was left due to laws of nature, and now it is slowly dying. The parents are constantly renovating to keep things going; they hope to surprise the children who will surely return home one day…”


“Lost” is one of the two Ukrainian films in this selection. The director Oksana Karpovych has been living in Kanada for the last few years. The film is a reflection on her immigration experience: loss of a home and finding another one. At the same time it is a loss and acquiring of a new identity.



“Home” refers to a very relevant for nowaday Ukraine topic. Anna Korzh (the director) is documenting the story of a relative. The hero has to leave her house because of war in the East. But attachement to home is stronger than her fear of death. She comes back for a short time”



The screening will take place at 14.00, 27th of May in RODYNA cinema (M. Ovodova st., 47). Free entrance.


Discussion with “Home” director Anna Korzh will take place after the screening. Maryna Stepanska, film director, will moderate the screenings.


The full festival program is available here.


On photo Home” by Anna Korzh

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