World refugee day without phobias and clichés

17 June 2016

Lampedusa in Winter screening will take place in the summer location “Hashchi” (30/34 Petrivska st.) on June, 20th at 20:30. A film by Jacob Brossmann is dedicated to one of the world’s most painful themes - migration.

World refugee day is celebrated on this day, and right after the screening “No Borders” project invites you to talk about the refugee situation in Ukraine without phobias and clichés.

“More than a year ago Ukrainian mass media have developed a special way to talk about forced migrants (officially - internally displaced persons) from occupied territories and battle zones. Ukraine has just started getting used to the new phenomenon of forced internal migration. Negative waves towards Donbass migrants have started to calm down as soon as forced migration was represented by real faces and names: unrecognizable “Donbass people” have become real people with different lives, all united by the tragedy of war and occupation. That didn’t happen to international forced refugees. Many people lack specific lens that allows to recognize individual traits and lives in a crowd of “those refugees” flocking through Europe. Documentalists from different countries offer that lens, and the picture changes”, says Maksym Butkevich, human rights activist and one of the “No Borders” project coordinators.

This year on Docudays UA Maksym Butkevich coordinated WAYFARERS program, specially dedicated to migration. The films had faces and voices that told us about personal where that was possible.

Lampedusa in Winter by Jacob Brossmann is a story awarded by many international festivals. Community of tiny Italian island Lampedusa is trying to solve local problems and help migrants saved by the coast guard. They are outraged by those who use their community to spread the fear of migrants around Europe.

Free entrance. Contact Anna Tsyba +38 (067) 6695457, Natalka Neshevets +38 (063) 9535143.

The screening takes place with participation of “No Borders” project. Supported by Docudays UA International film festival and Visual Culture Research Cente.

June, 20th is a World Refugee Day founded by the United Nations General Assembly in 2001 to mark the 50th anniversary of the 1951 Convention relating to the Status of Refugees. 1500 people apply for refugee status in Ukraine every year, according to human rights organizations. In 20 years of existence of asylym institute in Ukraine only 2500 people were granted refugee status, UNHCR says. There are 19,5 mln of refugees and 1,8 mln of asylum seekers in the world. More than half of them are children.

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