Catalogue of the Ukrainian Documentary: Call for Applications!

18 June 2019

We are announcing a call for applications for the fifth edition!


The new catalogue will include films and film projects produced in 2017–19, as well as the works that are currently at the stage of development and production. In addition, the catalogue will include information about independent producers, production companies, film and TV studios which produce documentaries, about film festivals that work with documentary films, and about distributors of non-fiction films in Ukraine.


“Support for Ukrainian cinema is one of the festival’s priorities,” comments Victoria Leshchenko, the program director of Docudays UA. “The annual edition of the Catalogue of the Ukrainian Documentary is an integral part of it, and we are very grateful to the State Film Agency for support. I highly encourage Ukrainian documentary filmmakers to apply, because it is a great opportunity to tell the international professional community about your project.”


In the years when the Catalogue has been published, the Docudays UA team has presented it about ten times at the major film festival forums: Sheffield Doc/Fest in the UK, DOK Leipzig in Germany, Jihlava Documentary Film Festival and Visions du Réel in Nyon.


Today, all the previous editions of the Catalogue are available for download at our website.


The detailed criteria and application forms for this year can be found here. The deadline is August 1, 2019.


The Catalogue is published with the support from the State Film Agency of Ukraine and the Embassy of Sweden in Ukraine.


Main photo: From the film The Earth Is Blue Like an Orange, directed by Iryna Tsilyk, a participant of the 4th edition of the Catalogue of Ukrainian Documentary.

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