Cyberbullying: How I Stopped Being a Victim

24 April 2019

Docudays UA together with the Institute of Social and Political Psychology of the National Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine and the Civil Union “Ukrainian Animation Association UAnimA” announces a national children’s competition of essays on the topic of Cyberbullying: How I Stopped Being a Victim, based on real-life stories.


We are launching a competition for stories which will become the basis for animated documentaries in support of the campaign against cyberbullying and for maximum involvement of all stakeholders in the campaign.


The five winners of the competition will receive valuable gifts — tablets. The final of the National Children’s Competition will take place in May 2019. In turn, the winners will participate in the creation of documentaries based on the stories they tell! They will also be invited to the presentation of the videos in December 2019 and to the Docudays UA festival in March 2020 in Kyiv!


Stages of the competition:

1. April 24 through May 22, 2019: submission of competition essays;

2. May 22 - 28: jury review of the applications;

3. May 29: announcement of the winners at the Docudays UA website.


To determine the winners of the National Children’s Essay Competition on the topic of Cyberbullying: How I Stopped Being a Victim, the Docudays UA organizational committee will invite a competent jury that will include a psychologist, a filmmaker and a human rights advocate. The members of the jury will be announced by May 12, 2019.


We are not going to publish the competition essays under their authors’ names without their consent; however, the story plots can be used to create some elements of an animated film.


Terms of the competition:


1. The electronic versions of competition essays must be sent to the email of a competition co-organizer Kseniya Shymanska, The title of the email must include the words “Essay for the Cyberbullying: How I Stopped Being a Victim competition.”


2. The deadline for essay submission is May 22 (based on the date when the email was sent).


3. Only original narratives written by the authors are allowed to participate in the competition.


4. The topic of the competition is Cyberbullying: How I Stopped Being a Victim (a real-life story).


5. Narrative essays written by children and teenagers up to the age of 18 in Ukrainian are accepted to participate in the competition.


6. The competition essay must be 1 to 4 pages long.


7. To participate in the competition, one must submit:

7.1. a competition essay in the electronic form in the Word format, Times New Roman font, size 14; the title of the file must contain the title of the essay in Latin letters;

7.2. a document with a free-form description of his/herself by the competition participant;

7.3. MANDATORY! contact data (address, phone number of the competition participant and his/her parents, full name — for filling in the certificate, email and written consent to the use of personal data). The agreement template can be downloaded here.




For more information, please address Kseniya Shymanska by phone at (096)-580-55-00 or by email at

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