Travelling Docudays UA: From October On — All Over Ukraine!

20 August 2019

Traditionally, in August the regional coordinators of the International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival Docudays UA gathered together for a strategic seminar to prepare for the Travelling Festival, which is the annual continuation of the March Docudays UA in Kyiv.


Those were three intense days when the participants made plans on how to correctly prepare locations for the festival cultural events in every city and town where the Festival takes place, how to promote the events, and how to work with texts and photos.



This time, the program involved individual meetings where regional coordinators could discuss in groups all the questions that arise during preparations for the Travelling Festival. The participants of these working groups also included Svitlana Smal, the Executive Director of NGO Docudays; Denys Kostyunin, the financial director of NGO Docudays; Tetiana Kulyk, the coordinator of the Network of the International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival Docudays UA; Daryna Nikolenko, the coordinator of the Travelling Human Rights Documentary Film Festival Docudays UA; Kseniya Shymanska, the director of the Human Rights Department of Docudays UA.



A separate section of this year’s seminar was also the discussion of the Campaign Against Cyberbullying. Kseniya Shymanska, the director of Docudays UA’s Human Rights Department; Bohdan Moysa, an analyst for Docudays UA’s Human Rights Department; and Viktoriya Petruk, a lawyer for the Public Reception of the UHHRU spoke about the phenomenon of cyberbullying, its types and possible models for reducing the number of cases of cyberbullying in the society. They also discussed, in particular, the legal support for cases of cyberbullying and the protection of personal data.



We remind you that the 16th Travelling Docudays UA starts in October and will go on until the end of December. Screenings, discussions, Living Libraries, public discussions, roundtables and other human rights educational and advocacy events will take place in more than 200 towns and villages all over Ukraine. The audience will have a chance to talk to well-known human rights advocates, cultural figures and artists.


The schedule of the events will soon be published on the website.

All photos here!


The seminar was held with the support from the Embassy of Sweden and the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Ukraine.


All photos: Nika Popova and Daryna Nikolenko

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