Programme Review

DOCU/UKRAINE National Competition: On what we have in common through personal stories

11 February 2021

The DOCU/UKRAINE National Competition includes five films which look for answers to eternal questions through the lens of their protagonists’ personal search. All the films in the programme are national or world premieres. Following the filmmakers, we will look closer at the day-to-day life, dreams and thoughts of their protagonists: we will choose between love and life calling with the young Michel, between a vow and social activism with a monk living among laymen and artist Anatoliy Liutiuk, between rural and urban life with the folk artist Ivan Prykhodko; we will travel hundreds of kilometers for a dream with Nazar and Max, and discover the contrasted and political nature of cabaret through the individuality of each of the participants of the Dakh Daughters Band.

So let’s look at the films included in DOCU/UKRAINE.



The participants of DOCU/UKRAINE:

●      As Far As Possible, dir. by Ganna Iaroshevych;

●      Ivan's Land, dir. by Andrii Lysetskyi;

●      Salt from Bonneville, dir. by Simon Mozgovy;

●      Tales of a Toy Horse, dir. by Ulyana Osovska, Denis Strashny;

●      Roses. Film-Cabaret, dir. by Irena Stetsenko.

During the festival, the audience will have a chance to learn more about the creation of the films during Q&As with Ukrainian filmmakers. The festival jury will choose the winner among the five DOCU/UKRAINE films. Films from the programme can also be nominated for the Student Jury Award, Andriy Matrosov Award from Docudays UA organizers, and the RIGHTS NOW! Award.


More news about the competition and non-competition programmes of the festival and about the festival jury coming soon!


As a reminder, the 18th Docudays UA is dedicated to the human right to health. We offer you to dive deeper in the processes of phenomena new to us and to evaluate the scale of global change since the beginning of the pandemic.


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April 2022