The Encyclopedia of War: the archive of evidence of Russia’s crimes against Ukraine

11 March 2022

Our team is launching an effort to collect video evidence of the war for cataloging and archiving. We plan to translate the footage we collect into English and publish it on international information resources so that the world could learn first-hand about the cruel war waged against us by Russia. And about the unprecedented, heroic resistance by the Ukrainian people.


We collect these videos for future researchers and documentary filmmakers so that they could use the catalog and include these videos in their work (after coordinating the terms of use with their authors).


We are looking for first-hand videos documenting the heroic resistance of our people against the Russian invaders. These include recordings of communities forcing tanks to back away with their pure resolve, of fearless residents of occupied towns who keep coming out to Ukrainian demonstrations, of farmers towing abandoned tanks away with their tractors. And videos from the trenches or reports on the destroyed enemy columns, documentation of the destruction of our peaceful cities, schools and hospitals, personal video diaries of volunteering, evacuation, or just recordings of your family’s life in wartime.


At this link, you can register your own video or even a video from your social media feed or a local Telegram channel which has affected you emotionally, documents Russia’s crimes, or is a testimony to our heroic resistance to the invading army. Each piece of this evidence brings us closer to victory, and brings Russia closer to accountability for its actions.


Together we will win!

The project has transformed and changed its name to the Ukraine War Archive. Read more about the project at this link.

Main photo: Kalynivka city, from Proof of war in Ukraine.

The Ukraine War Archive project has been created with the support of ISAR Ednannia as a part of the Urgent EU Support for Civil Society project, with financial support from the European Union, as well as the Sectoral Support for Civil Society Initiative, implemented by ICAP Ednannia in consortium with the Ukrainian Center for Independent Political Research (UCIPR) and the Center for Democracy and Rule of Law (CEDEM) thanks to the sincere support of the American people provided through USAID. 


The Ukraine War Archive is supported by the European Union under the House of Europe programme. 


With financial support by the Embassy of Sweden in Ukraine.


With financial support by the Czech organization People in Need as a part of the SOS Ukraine initiative.

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