A Cage for Two (Клітка для двох)

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Ukrainian, Russian, German
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World-famous wild animals trainer Lyudmila Shevchenko in a documentary film.

A small inconspicuous person is standing in a cage with a wild beast. Who is he for a tiger? Is he a friend? Or a tormentor? And what is the circus animal for him? Liudmyla and Volodymyr Shevchenko have spent over 50 years in a cage with animals. They had no kids of their own because tigers and lions were their children. Did they consider the animals’ participation in circus performances a barbarity back then? The world is changing and becoming more civilized — our contemporaries are not willing to see wild animals in the circus, because they really don’t belong there. But what about the fates of the people who have spent their entire lives in a cage with their foster animals?

Production: Oleksandr Driz
Script: Sehrii Kostelnykov
DOP: Khrystyna Lizohub
Sound: Andrii Noha
Music: Serhii Leontiev
Point of contact:
Olena Driz

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