Wild wild city (Дике дике місто)

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English, Russian, Ukrainian

Mykhailo Storozhuk, the leader of Kyiv Animal Rescue Group devotes himself fully to his work, even though his own daughter suffers from an incurable disease and needs his help as wll. One day, Mykhailo will have to choose whom to save.

Kyiv Animal Rescue Group (KARG) is a branch of a volunteer group that rescues animals from emergency situations. The team is on duty 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Their activities are funded entirely through donations. Mykhailo Storozhuk is the leader of the group. He is likely to give up all the work because of financial constraints, which do not allow him to provide essential treatment to his daughter Lara. She suffers from spinal muscular atrophy. To get medicine for Lara, Mykhailo needs to emigrate. Now Mykhailo has to make a choice. He knows that if he leaves Ukraine, KARG will not survive. If he stays, he feels that he will be betraying his daughter.

Production: Ella Shtyka
Script: Oleksandr Portian
DOP: Oleksandr Portian
Confirmed Financing: €40000

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