As far as possible (Май далеко - май добре )

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A native of a big German city, Michel settles down in a remote Ukrainian village to save rare water buffaloes. His dream is challenged when he falls in love with a girl from his hometown.

This is the story of a young German man named Michel, whose dream is to lead a simple life far from civilization. He lives in the Ukrainian mountains and is taking care of endangered animals – water buffaloes. After ten years as a loner, Michel falls in love with Vera, a woman from his hometown in Germany, who has two small kids from her previous relationships. Michel moves back to Germany, and for two years, he tries to create a new family with Vera. After all, Michel chooses himself over Vera and moves back to Ukraine on his own to pursue his dream of living in the wild.

DOP: Serhiy Kireiev
Sound: Pavlo Berezin
Total budget: €91695
Already engaged financial partners and funds: Private investment, Crowdfunding Big Idea, Ukrainian Institute
Point of contact:
IDFA Academy, LisbonDocs, DunaDock, DocudaysUA and Beldocs Academy, 18 Docudays UA – Main Prize Andriy Matrosov Award.

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