Olesya Morhunets-Isaienko

Karpenko-Kary National University of Theatre, Film and Television in Kyiv
Born on 17 November 1984 in Kozelets, Chernihiv Region. Between 2006 and 2013, she worked at Technomedia as a director and editor. She taught editing at Taras Maliarevych’s studio (2011–2012) and at the Red Dog children’s studio (2016–2017). In 2014, Olesia won a presidential grant to create a script for the documentary The Music of the Monocle about the life and work of Danylo Demutsky. Olesia worked with the Open Politics NGO (2016–2017). Since 2015, she has been a jury member for the Coronation of the Word International Literary Competition. She is currently working on the documentary And Every River…, which focuses on an environmental subject.
Deportation 44–46 (2021, director), Molfar (2008, director), Violin (2014, director), A Fairytale of Money (2018, director), The Borderline. Operation Hrubieszow (2019, director), Carol of the Bells (2020, director)

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