Tetiana Dorodnitsyna

Studied at
Karpenko-Kary KNUTKit
Tanya Dorodnisina graduated from the National Karpenko-Karyi University of Theater, Film and Television in Kyiv and has worked in film and public television.
Her familiarity with zoos reaffirmed her desire to make a movie about the relationship between humans and animals.

Selected filmography and experience:
2019 — Roses, documentary, co-editor (Esse, work in progress);
2018 — Askania Reserve, documentary, co-director (435 FILMS; Docudays UA Student Jury Prize, Special Pelicam Film Jury Prize in Romania);
2012-2018 — editor at Kyivtelefilm Studio.
Participation in film(s):
Where is the dog buried? (2020, director)

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