Angel Angelov

directror, director of photography
Kyiv I. Karpenko-Kariy National Theatre, Cinema and Television University
Angel Angelov is a Ukrainian director, DOP, and photographer.

After graduating from the Department of Documentary Film Directing, he began working in the field of documentary and feature film, as well as in the sphere of social and commercial advertising for the Red Bull, GoPro, and Film UA Group companies. Together with his co-authors Dmitry Gromov, Mykita Strizhevsky, and Artem Baburin, he has been developing and creating a documentary film series in the genre of urban exploration titled “Insiders Project—Soviet Megamonsters” as a director and cinematographer since 2015. He had already had experience filming under extreme conditions, as well as in working with similar material, by the time the work on “Breaking into Baikonur” began.
Breaking into Baikonur (2020, director)

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