Taisiia Kutuzova

director, scriptwriter
Ukrainian Catholic University in Lviv
Taisiia Kutuzova (1993) is a Ukrainian filmmaker and cinematographer based in Kyiv. She was born and grew up in Simferopol. After Crimea's annexation, Taisiia moved to Lviv (Western Ukraine), where she graduated from the Ukrainian Catholic University in Lviv (Western Ukraine) with a major in journalism and camera work. Since 2014, Taisiia has been working as a multimedia journalist and videographer for Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (RFE/RL). She started learning documentary filmmaking in workshops by the Ukrainian master Sergey Bukovsky.

Meanwhile, she filmed and directed two short documentaries: Alive and Undefeated (2016) and Youth 1927 (2017). In 2017, she started filming Serhiy, the main protagonist of Shut the Fuck Up! Taisiia's project immediately got supported by the Docudays UA festival in Kyiv, giving her the opportunity to produce a short film, Shut the Fuck Up! (2018) with Roman Bondarchuk as her tutor.

Taisiia has decided to keep filming her young hero, Serhiy, on his journey into politics, and to transform Shut the Fuck Up! into her feature-length debut. In May 2020, Taisiia received the East/West Talent Lab award at goEast Wiesbaden.
Shut the fuck up! (2021, director)

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