Documentary school: DOCU/CLASS lectures live

28 September 2016

Docudays UA and Hromadske.Culture have launched a new project yesterday. Every Tuesday at 21:30 we will show the best lectures of our DOCU/CLASS master class. They include meetings with famous directors, playwrights and film experts.


The first video is already available online. In this master class one of the most famous Danish directors Jon Bang Carlsen tells about his unique approach to seeking reality. His films combine documentary and fiction. This inventor and consitent adherent of radical ‘staged documentary’ says: “The reality always wears a mask”.


Jon Bang Carlsen has created more than 40 documentary films and keeps insisting that there is only one subjective reality. Do you still believe in the concept of “objective”, “fly on the wall”-style documentary? If you do, this lecture is for you. Are you convinced that the “reality” doesn’t exist, and this is an excuse for all kinds of manipulations with the heroes and image? Then, this master class is definitely for you.


You can watch the lectures online every Tuesday at 21:30 live on Hromadske.Culture. After that all of them will be availalble at the website’s video archive. All the lectures in English have Ukrainian subtitles.


Among them are talk about myth and music with Latvian director Viesturs Kairišs and a meeting with documentary theatre director Georg Genoux and Natalia Vorozhbyt, the most famous Ukrainian playwright.


Dina Barinova who studied at Marina Razbiezhkina and Mikhail Ugarov’s school will share her experience at Voronezh School of Teenage Doc, and Tue Steen Muller, an experienced “tutor” of European documentary, will speak about evolution of Danish documentary: from Jørgen Leth, the teacher of Lars von Trier, to the young directors who make selfie-films. Pamela Cohn, filmcritic and program coordinator for the True/False Film Fest in America will help figure out, is there documentary beyond this format in the free continent.

DOCU/CLASS is a space where documentlists share experiences with their younger collegues and with each other. The program of author’s master classes and lectures, as well as presentations of diverse documentary related initiatives, took place at the Docudays UA for the fifth time this year. Among them we selected the master classes that cover the most present-day tendencies in the world of documentary films.

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