Famous journalist Konrad Schuller will participate in See Ukraine festival tour

02 September 2016

SEE UKRAINE: DOCUDAYS UA ON TOUR international tour comes to Hamburg on September, 8-21. The screenings will take place at the Metropolis Kino cinema, the photo ehibition and the discussion - at Mahnmal St. Nikolai museum.


SEE UKRAINE: DOCUDAYS UA ON TOUR project is a cultural diplomacy action released by Docudays UA International Human Rights Film Festival. The festival program includes documentary screenings, a photo exhibition, meetings with Ukrainian cinematographists and a discussion with journalists and human rights activists to provide better understanding of the film situations and to give more information about the situation in the country. SEE UKRAINE: DOCUDAYS UA ON TOUR project has already visited France, Greece and Italy. The festival will also take place in Spain before the end of 2016. SEE UKRAINE: DOCUDAYS UA ON TOUR in Germany will last almost for two weeks.


The festival program includes three films awarded by international film festivals. During the last few years these films have been introducing Ukrainan documentaries to the world. They are: “Ukrainan Sheriffs” by Roman Bomdarchuk (2016), a story of the two men taking care of public order in their village, an artistic documentary about life of shepherds in the Ukrainian Carpathians - “The Living Fire” by Ostap Kostiuk (2014), and “Euromaidan. The Rough Cut” (2014), an almanac that represents three months of the revolution, being the first film evidence of the explosion of awaken honour in Ukrainians.

Meetings with authors and discussions of the films will take place after the screenings.


A photo exhibition by Aleksandr Glyadelov “You See, My Brother?” will also take place during the festival, with the author opening it himself. The exposition tells about the revolution and the Russian war against Ukraine. The photos were also exhibited during Docudays UA in Kiev, and in different Ukrainian regions during the Travelling festival. Aleksandr Glyadelov shoots in black and white, using analog camera with hand focusing. It’s almost impossible to shoot this way on the battlefield, that’s why the photographer focuses on the life during battle breaks.


Discussion platforn is an important part of the SEE UKRAINE: DOCUDAYS UA ON TOUR. “War and freedom: how can democracy develop in war time” debate will take place in Hamburg. Euromaidan has become a double test for the society. On the one hand it forced Ukrainians to build an effective pluralist state out of peaces of the postsoviet oligarch system, and on the other to resist a hybrid war started by Russia in Crimea and in Donbass, a conflict that destabilizes the country and fuels radical and nationalistic tendencies in the society. How does the hate politics raise in the world, and what place does Ukraine have in the European project? The participants of the discussion are German journalist and writer Konrad Schuler who won Liberty Award for his work in Ukraine, and human rights activist Oleksandra Matviichuk, coordinator of the Euromaidan SOS civic initiative and other international companies, including #LetMyPeopleGo company to free all the Ukrainian citizens impizoned by Russia.


SEE UKRAINE: DOCUDAYS UA ON TOUR is supported by Open Society Foundation and Renaissance International Foundation.

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