Lawyers Will Provide Free Legal Help to Victims of Cyberbullying

20 June 2019

Docudays UA in cooperation with the Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union (UHHRU) are continuing the Campaign Against Cyberbullying and offering professional legal help to children and/or parents of children who found themselves in a cyberbullying situation.


Ukrainian law establishes administrative responsibility for bullying. But the measures to counteract cyberbullying which are provided by the law do not sufficiently protect children from psychological and emotional violence online.


Now the children and their parents have an alternative way to oppose cyberbullying and protect themselves from attackers online: they do not have to face the problem alone; instead, they can ask for legal help.


If you:


● are suffering from constant abuse online;

● your account has been hacked and your personal information has been published;

● someone blackmails you online, threatening to publish information or data which you would not like to publish;

● you believe that you were unjustly deemed responsible for persecuting someone online;

● or you are subjected to any other danger on the Internet and need legal help —


please call the Kyiv Reception of UHHRU by phone at (044) 383 95 19, (094) 928 65 19 for legal aid.


Residents of other Ukrainian regions can call the same phone numbers to find out the addresses of the UHHRU receptions located closest to them, where they could go to get help.


The legal consultations and help is provided free of charge as a part of the Campaign Against Cyberbullying.


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