DOCU/WORLD: From Documentary Blockbusters to Family Dramas

01 March 2019

Meet our international feature competition DOCU/WORLD. These are ten films which we selected from around a thousand submissions from across the world.


“This year, our DOCU/WORLD competition features Georgia, Finland, Denmark, Poland, Italy, Romania, Bulgaria, the UK, France, Germany, Congo, Russia, the USA. The films vary from emotional family and personal dramas to documentary blockbusters about elephant poaching in Congo,” says the programme director Victoria Leshchenko. “Some of the competition participants have become favorites at prestigious festivals, others are only starting their paths. And all this variety of senses, views and practices will be available to our Festival’s audience really soon.”



Before father gets back, dir. Mari Gulbiani (Georgia, France, Germany)

When lambs become lions, dir. Jon Kasbe (USA)

The magic life of V, dir. Tonislav Hristov (Finland, Denmark, Bulgaria)

Game girls, dir. Alina Skrzeszevska (France, Germany)

Children of Congo, listen!, dir. Natacha Ikoli, Patrick Flynn (Democratic Republic of Congo)

I grew up as you slept, dir. Marcin Sauter (Poland)

The way to the mountains, dir. Micol Rubini (Italy)

White mama, dir. Zosya Radkevich, Evgenia Ostanina (Russia)

Caisă, dir. Alexandru Mavrodineanu (Romania)

Voices of the sea, dir. Kim Hopkins (UK)


All the films will be screened in Zhovten Cinema from March 23 on. The screening schedule will soon be published at our website. 


Credit photo: A still from the film Game girls by dir. Alina Skrzeszevska

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