Meet the Student Jury of Docudays UA!

28 February 2019

This year, we received about 50 applications for the Students' Jury! And we’re happy to introduce you to our five jurors who will choose their favorite film from all the competition programs of Docudays UA.


Yana Zdioruk is an MA student at the Human Rights program of the Ukrainian Catholic University in Lviv: “For me, as a future lawyer, Docudays UA is a unique opportunity to hear and see what people are worried about. It’s an opportunity to compare the ‘letter’ of law with the reality. To talk to those who believe that human rights can be a reality rather than just an illusion.”


The director and screenwriter Yuriy Polishchuk currently studies at two universities, the Department of Art History at Taras Shevchenko National University and the Auteur Course at the Danish Højskolen Snoghøj: “Together with Docudays UA, I want to immerse myself in the discourse of Ukrainian and foreign authors who will present their films at the Festival. It’s directly related to my areas of interest. In museum work, in cinema and in other spheres in culture and art we talk about similar, often the same topics. We just talk about them in different languages, using different media.”


The videographer and photo journalist Irynka Hromotska is a student at the School of Journalism in the Ukrainian Catholic University in Lviv: “I know what is beyond the ‘pretty picture,’ I know the process of creating a visual material from the inside, I can appreciate the amount of work in each shot, and I always pay attention to detail, such as editing, camera movement, colors. So I am ready to dive into the stories of film protagonists together with Docudays UA!”


Taras Spivak studies Culture at Kyiv-Mohyla Academy: “I’ve been studying Iranian cinema for a long time. Its central trope is combining elements of documentary and fiction. For me, being a jury member is a great opportunity to look closer at documentaries and see new films by Ukrainian filmmakers.”


Yevhenia Zadorozhna is an MA student at the Kyiv National University’s Institute of Journalism. She majors in Social and Human Rights Journalism. “As a jury member, it is important for me to understand how documentary films can communicate the philosophy of human rights to the audience. And above all, I am interested in the ‘small person’ in films which make her visible, let her voice be heard, and make her life significant.”


This year, Docudays UA starts on March 22. We will shortly publish the complete schedule of Festival screenings and events. Follow our announcements at our website and on social media!


Credit photo: Docudays UA

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