RIGHTS NOW! How can you defend your right to safe and dignified childbirth?

14 October 2021

How can you defend your right to safe and dignified childbirth? On 27 October at 7:00 p.m., as a part of the 18th Travelling Docudays UA, we will discuss human rights violations during pregnancy and labor through the personal story of Oleksandra, who encountered this problem during her pregnancy. The discussion will accompany the screening of Unseen on and launch the NGO Docudays campaign Together for Safe Childbirth.


In 2015, NGO Natural Rights Ukraine asked Ukrainian women which of their rights were violated the most frequently during pregnancy and labor. As a result, the women pointed at the lack of informing, corruption, mental pressure, privacy violations, restrictions on partner-accompanied labor, discrimination, etc.


Unfortunately, not all future mothers and fathers know how to defend their rights and where to go if their rights are infringed. The discussion participants will help future mothers and fathers to learn about their rights during pregnancy and labor and tell them about ways to defend themselves in case of any violations. They will also explain why safety during labor is an issue that concerns everyone.



Yevhenia Kubakh, expert, co-founder of NGO Natural Rights Ukraine;

Roman Vorona, doctor, ObGyn at the Human Health Academy;

Oleksandra Kaminska, mother of two;

Maia Martiniak, documentary filmmaker and creative producer.


The conversation will be moderated by Ksenia Shymanska, director of the NGO Docudays Human Rights Department.


You can watch the discussion here.

 31 — 9 
June 2024