On March 31, 2011 award winning films of 8th Docudays UA International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival were screened in Cinema House in Kyiv.

Art Competition Grand Prix won film “The Player” by John Appel, the Netherlands, for very well-balanced journey into the dark depths of human existence.

Special Mentions: “Scena del crimine” by Walter Stokman, the Netherlands, for going far beyond the obvious and for brilliant cinematography and “In Case of Loss of Pressure” by Sarah Moon Howe, Belgium, for human endurance presented in a personal and artistic way.

Art Competition Jury: Manon Loizeau, France; Marcin Koszalka, Poland; Uldis Cekulis, Latvia; Miroslav Janek, Czech Republic; Alik Shpilyuk, Ukraine.

Human Rights Competition Jury awarded First Prize to “Justice for Sergei” by Hans Herman and Martin Maat, the Netherlands,for a tireless struggle against the pressure of any power and assertion justice, admirable and insuring that self-sacrifice was not in vain. 

Special Mentions: “Pink Saris” by Kim Longinotto, UK, India, for colorful artistic reflection of charismatic woman struggled against any kind of discrimination and You Don’t Like the Truth – 4 Days inside Guantanamo” by Luc Cote and Patricio Henriquez, Canada, for unusual technique used by directors allowed seeing the new unsightly truth about the well-known problem with Guantanamo prison.

Human Rights Competition Jury: Halyna Bakhmatova, Ukraine; Giorgi Janelidze, Georgia; Niels Jacob Harbitz, Norway; Tatsiana Reviaka, Belarus; Nina Tagankina, Russia.

Students’ Jury awarded its Prize to “Pink Saris” by Kim Longinotto, UK, India, for an example of how one person can struggle against the whole system.

Special Mention: “The Taste of a Cinnamon Roll” by Mykyta Sitdikov, Ukraine. 

Students’ Jury: Maksym Anisimov, Alyona Pavlenko, Maria Polishchuk, Oleksandr Roshchyn, Tetyana Zheleznikova.


Audience Award: Shanghai Banzai by Jurate Samulionyte, Lithuania, for unrestrained optimism.  

Festival Team presented Andrii Matrosov Award to “The Olympic Man” by Viesturs Kairiss, Latvia, for the strength and victory of the spirit.

National Union of Cinematographers of Ukraine presented its Special Prize to “Out of Reach” by Jakub Stozek, Poland, for reaching the point of extreme immediacy in documentary storytelling.

Special Prize from the UN Refugee Agency Regional Representation in Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine won “The Arrivals” by Claudine Bories, Patrice Chagnard, France, as the best film about refugees.


Docudays UA International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival was held on March 25-31, 2011 in Cinema House (vul. Saksahanskoho, 6) and the German Culture Centre “Goethe-Institut” (vul. Voloska, 12/4).

Traditionally, Docudays UA gathers all top-hits of world documentary, famous directors and successful producers, and organizes workshops of world-leading filmmakers and discussions with directors.


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