Films that bring us closer to victory


Our team had to pause Civil Pitch 2.0 due to the beginning of the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation into the territory of Ukraine. However, we are happy to announce that our team has decided to adapt Civil Pitch 2.0 to the realities of war and to conduct the competition with a new concept.


By the deadline of the call for applications, 18 February, 150 projects had applied for the competition.


After pre-selection and collection of additional information about the projects, the applicants’ abilities and corrections to their creative plans due to the war, the competition jury will select the four winners. They will receive grants for the production of their films in the amount of 250,000 UAH.


The condition for receiving the funding is that the finished film must premiere at the 20th Docudays UA in 2023. In addition to financial support, each team will receive mentorship from international tutors who will help them complete all the stages of film production.


Unfortunately, due to the war, we have decided to reduce the Civil Pitch 2.0 programme: the workshops and project pitchings will not be held. However, the organizers will provide support with the festival distribution of the finished films.


The applicants whose projects will be selected to the pre-selection list will have an opportunity to adapt their ideas or to submit new project ideas which still meet the general framework of the competition, “short documentaries of social and public significance with the running time of 8 to 15 minutes.”


The Civil Pitch 2.0 team has also updated the competition jury. The jury members will be representatives of the project’s donors and its mentors:

The winners will be announced on the Docudays UA website on 12 May 2022.
 31 — 9 
June 2024