Docudays UA 2014: greetings from our guests

15 April 2014

The 11th Docudays UA International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival has ended, but our program coordinator Viktoriya Leshchenko is still getting a lot of words of appreciation from our guest and participants. Here are some of them:


Congratulations Victoria and many thanks to you and your team for taking such good care of all of us.  I've been raving to everyone here about your wonderful festival and beautiful city.


Please stay in touch.


Very best, 

Chris McDonald


Hot Docs


(The DOCU/LIFE compentition jury member at Docudays UA 2014)



Thanks Vika.


An amazing experience with you and everyone at Docudays UA. Hope to be able to come out and work with you on it in the future either with workshops or otherwise. Would really love to come back. Had the most warmest reception.


Warmest wishes always,


Adeyemi Michael


(Sodiq, the director, DOCU/SHORT competition participant at Docudays UA 2014)

Dear Victoria and all Docudays UA festival team!


Once again, the job you all have made it happen was fantastic and I can only imagine, how difficult mentally and physically it was!


I and many others experienced your audience unbelievable passion to strong documentary, democracy and peace. So, it tells everything, why it was right in time and in the same importance as other urgent social and political activities.


Thank you and I wish you all the strength to continue this extremely important mission, Slava Ukraine!


Uldis Cekulis


(DOCU/CLASS lecturer at Docudays UA 2014)


Dear Victoria,

It was really well organized. Staff was wonderful, and the program, really interesting.

I think this year´s Docudays UA will remind in the memory of all us. Special is the word, I guess.

Thanks a lot for your hospitality.

Best wishes,

Unai Aranzadi


(There Is Peace? the director, DOCU/SHORT competition participant at Docudays UA 2014)



Amazing! Congratulations!

Great festival. Great audience. Great festival makers. !


Salute from Berlin


Marco Wilms

(Art War, the director, DOCU/ART participant)




thank you.


Andrei Zagdansky

(The DOCU/SHORT competition jury member)


Dear Victoria,

Thank you very much for your email.
It is great to hear that your festival went so well and inspired so many people.

I look forward to working with you again in the future.

Thank you again and my best regards and admiration for the efforts you have put in your work before, during and after the festival.



(Sofia's Last Ambulance, the distributor, DOCU/BEST)



Dear Victora,

I want say, all was perfect, I’m very happy from this festival, the first time I saw, so many young people interested in all films.
Congratulation. One small thing, next time, try to screen two times itch films.


Bardzo dziekuje za zaproszenie, naprawde spedzilem wsanialy czas, zobaczylem Kiev I co najwazniejsze, to zainteresowanie I tak dluga rozmowa po filmie.

(Thank you very much for an invitation, I’ve had some great time. It was nice to see Kyiv, but even more importantly: the long and involved conversation after the screening.)


Dziekuje bardzo.

(Thank you very much.)


Kapitan Krzysztof Kotiuk


(The Captain and His Pirate, the director, the DOCU/RIGHT competition participant)



The Docudays UA team would also like our guests and participants to share with us their videos shot in Kyiv during the festival and city tours. Please, send the links to our program coordinator. And stay in touch:) 


Photo by Uldis Cekulis

 31 — 9 
June 2024