Introducing: Ukrainian Doc Preview at Docudays UA

19 February 2019

This year’s Docudays UA will mark the first iteration of Doc Preview, a presentation of post-production stage Ukrainian documentary projects to selectors representing leading international festivals, sales agents and distributors. Organized as part of the DOCU/PRO film industry platform, Doc Preview offers filmmakers the perfect venue to launch their journey into the international film market.


Docudays UA has continuously been supporting and promoting Ukrainian documentary filmmaking. Continuing our efforts, it was only logical to establish the Ukrainian Doc Preview. This is going to be a work-in-progress presentation of Ukrainian projects to a group of festival selectors, sales agents and TV channel representatives who have been specifically invited to attend the event.


The contemporary documentary film market suggests a rather short lifecycle for a single film. A couple of years is all you have to premiere the film domestically and internationally, tour the festival circuit, sell the film on TV or a to vod-platform and also hit the cinemas,” says Darya Bassel, the DOCU/PRO coordinator. “For this fascinating and challenging journey, you will need a few dependable allies: a distributor that is madly in love with your project and a whole group of predisposed festival selectors and TV producers, who will be waiting to grab your film as soon as it hits the screens. The best way to make sure they are on your side is to promote the project before it is complete, at pitchings, film markets and work-in-progress presentations.


The Doc Preview format is quite peculiar, as each film is presented by its team, a minimum of 15 minutes of actual footage (not a trailer) is screened, followed by a constructive discussion with potential partners.


This year’s Doc Preview will feature six up-and-coming Ukrainian documentaries. These will be presented at the “Zhovten” cinema between 10:00 and 14:00 on March 24. Admission is free to all holders of an Guest, Industry or Media Pass.


Obviously, 6 films don’t cover all the films that are in post-production right now. Unfortunately, we couldn’t have all Ukrainian films represented. Still, all our international guests will be available for 15-minute conversations as part of another event, MEET PROFESSIONALS. Filmmakers will have the chance to present their projects there and exchange valuable knowledge. The Meets are open to Industry Pass holders,” remarks Darya Bassel.


Find out more about the experts invited for the Ukrainian Doc Preview and MEET PROFESSIONALS – here. Detailed instructions on MEET PROFESSIONALS registration will be sent out to festival participants and Industry Pass holders in March.


Check out the DOCU/PRO page. All updates on film industry events at Docudays UA are posted here!


Photo credit: Docudays UA

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