DOCU/YOUNG: Love in the Digital Age

08 March 2019

Love in the digital age, long-distance intimacy, the limits of privacy and publicity, the quest for one’s self at what is perhaps the most complicated period in life – youth. DOCU/YOUNG’s moderator, Yulia Sobol, takes us through the program’s selection of films.



What it is that young people seek in a relationship nowadays? Can intimacy be achieved over the Internet, when partners are divided by continents? Mating studies digital-generation romance, devoid of illusions, unravelling online, with personalized relationship formats and boundaries. The heroes of the story are not afraid of being vulnerable, take courage to extremes, they can forgive, forget and come close, creating a whole new world of relations, where they are the ones defining what is right and comfortable. On March 25, following the film’s screening, we will have a discussion on the changing relationship formats between young people in the age of complete globalization and digitalization.


In my room presents intimate online confessions by amateur vloggers, unravelling their life-stories and allowing us to follow the changes and transformations teens come across on their path to adulthood. In exposing themselves to complete strangers, the protagonists seek to find the courage they need to make decisions as well as the support, both real and virtual – through likes and comments – to rediscover themselves and their place in the world. Guests will also have the chance to discuss online comfort and safety with teens and experts in bullying, tolerance and media literacy following the film’s screening on March 26.


The short films block goes to widen the range of situations and emotions that underpin the vulnerability and incredible resilience of a person coming of age. Rainbow Children: The Story of Elika documents the way a small Iranian girl’s life in hospitable Belgium polishes her perception of herself and of her homeland, alien to the others. Drop by Drop offers the animated story of a dying village’s community, sparking the question: are children prepared for the changes they must face amid the ultimate stage of urbanization? We follow the exhausting travels between city and village and the silent patience of self-improvement exhibited by a young Mongolian athlete in Girl Against Gravity. Yet, children have so much to say, if adults ever afforded themselves the luxury of listening – and this is where the film Listen strikes its chord.


Written by: Yulia Sobol

Photo credit: still from the film “Listen”

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April 2022