Ella Shtyka

Ella Shtyka is a cultural manager, documentary film producer, curator of the film production laboratory for young artists Indie Lab, curator of the documentary program, and thematic panels of the American Film Festival Independence. 

Since 2001 she has been the head of Novyi Kyiv Production Center, developing training programs for young cinematographers, cultural managers and active citizens, implemented with the support of the US Embassy in Ukraine, EU-UNDP Equal Opportunities and Women's Rights in Ukraine program, One Caucasus Interdisciplinary festival, Lab Docutloloka. Ella professes development through cultural means, achieving social change through the introduction of new cultural practices, as well as intensifying dialogue and cooperation between the regions of Ukraine.
Wild wild city (2021, producer), Save me, doctor! (2020, producer), Birthmark (2020, producer, contact person), Life-Long City (2020, producer), Diary 1937 (2020, producer), Breaking Culture (2021, producer)

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