March 24: What is worth watching

23 March 2014

Except for the competition screenings, the detailed information on which you can find on our web-site, Docudays UA offers numerous non-competition events. We remind you that the festival takes place in three locations: Cinema House, Kinopanorama cinema, and Kyiv cinema. Entrance is free.


Briefly about the most interesting.




Putin’s Games, dir. Alexandr Gentelev, Israel-Austria-Germany, 2013, 90'

The 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia was the first ever to be held in a subtropical resort. Director Alexander Gentelev got to speak to many key figures, from the mayor of Sochi and corrupt contractors, senators and lobbyists, to the president of the Russian National Olympic Committee, to show that to a large extent the story of these environmentally unfriendly Olympic Games is one of threats and enormous misappropriations of money.

Q&A with director and producer

Discussion ‘Corruption among senior officials in Ukraine and Russia: is it possible to return the stolen money to the state?’, with Darya Kalenyuk, executive director of the Centre Against Corruption

Cinema House. Red Hall. 6:30 pm.



The Act of Killing, dir. Joshua Oppenheimer, Denmark-Norway-UK-Finland, 2012, 115'

When the government of Indonesia was overthrown by the military in 1965, Anwar and his friends were promoted from small-time gangsters who sold movie theatre tickets on the black market to death squad leaders. They helped the army kill more than one million alleged communists, ethnic Chinese, and intellectuals in less than a year. As the executioner for the most notorious death squad in his city, Anwar himself killed hundreds of people with his own hands.

Q&A with director and producer

Kinopanorama. The Big Hall. 7 pm.



Amosov – Centenary, dir. Sergey Lysenko, Ukraine, 2013, 59'

A film about a living legend, a man of the age – academician Mykola Amosov. What was his secret? What was that inherent spring that drove this brilliant man?

Q&A with protagonists of the film

Cinema House. Blue Hall. 7 pm.



Tales from the Organ Trade, dir. Ric Esther Bienstock, Canada, 2013, 82'

How much is your kidney worth to you? Your liver? For many people all over the world, organ transplants are desperately needed but in short supply, while others use their organs as a quick-fix commodity.

Q&A with director

Kinopanorama. The Big Hall. 9 pm.



Theory of Education and Uliyana, dir. Aleksandr Gorelik, Czech Republic, 70'

All pedagogic rules are helpless against this unique 9-year-old personality. A film about the ways the totalitarian reality of a Christian orphanage can bend, but not break, a small yet proud and freedom-loving human creature.

Q&A with program director

Cinema House. Blue Hall. 9 pm.


DOCU/CLASS workshops:

Malcolm Dixelius’ master class: SUBDN – Partnership Between Sweden, Ukraine and Belarus, and Opportunities for Co-Production

Simultaneous interpreting

Kinopanorama. The Small Hall. 12 pm.


Igor Gaidai’s workshop: Personal Projects in Photography

Simultaneous interpreting

Workshop about the personal experience of creation of photo projects “Ukrainians at the beginning of the third millennium”, “Together UA”, “9 months plus 3 days”, “Faces of Freedom. Maidan”.


Photographer, founder and co-owner of Haidai Studio and Camera Gallery, author of three photo books – “Ukrainians. The Beginning of the Third Millennium” (1996-2003), “9 Months + 3 Days” (2006-2008), “TOGETHER.UA” (2004-2011). Co-founder and co-owner of the first Ukrainian advertising photo studio called Studio 16, since 1995 until now – founder and art director of Haidai Studio. In 2002, the studio started to implement and produce its own projects and promote world photography in Ukraine and Ukrainian photography in Europe.


In 2004, he founded Camera Gallery which exhibits art projects of famous Ukrainian and world photographers

Kinopanorama. The Small Hall. 2 pm.

 31 — 9 
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