"Euromaidan. Rough Cut" will be screened in Switzerland

04 November 2014

Today, on 4th of November,  the Internationale Kurzfilmtage Winterthur starts. Kurzfilmtage is a non-profit association committed to recognizing and developing short film by supporting artists in cinema and building audiences for shorts. By compiling innovative programs, its aim is to provide a lively international platform for professional exchange between filmmakers, artists, the industry and the audience.


This year the festival has incleded the program "EUkraine".


TThe Ukraine was the scene of one of the most dramatic crises in 2014, whose outcome is pivotal for Europe’s development in general. The protests on Maidan square caused many filmmakers to point their cameras at what is happening in their country. As a gesture of solidarity, the film festival Docudays UA in Kiev screened the omnibus project «Euromaidan. Rough Cut» instead of an opening film. The film includes contributions by the filmmakers’ collective Babylon 13. Considered to be an important voice of the protest, they continually publish documentary video clips online. With the programme «EUkraine», we wish to provide the movement with a platform outside of the Ukraine. Film talk after the screening: Political cinema has a long tradition, especially in the short film format. Better and less expensive cameras make it possible to produce films at a rapid pace, and the internet has become the most important platform for activists. What do the political films of today look like? Is there a difference between political film, propaganda, activism and journalism? Where do the boundaries blur, and for what purpose – and for whom – are filmmakers in the Ukraine producing films right at this moment? Participating: Sviatoslav Yurash (Babylon'13); Roman Bondarchuk and Yulia Serdyukova (Docudays UA) and Sławomir Sierakowski, journalist and sociologist.


Film will be screened on Friday (7th November) at 8.00 p.m. More details here.

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