Docudays UA in a haystack

20 June 2014

On June 28-29, in the Obyrok Art Farmstead (Chernihiv Oblast), a small film festival KinoSinoval will be held where Docudays UA program coordinators Daria Bassel and Viktoria Leshchenko will present Crepuscule – the film from this year’s DOCU/LIFE competition program.


The film will be shown Saturday, June 28, at 6 PM, with a discussion afterwards.


The Obyrok Art Farmstead was founded in 2007 in Chernihiv oblast in place of a long abandoned small village. Since then, within almost seven years, it has seen more than 3000 guests from 27 countries.


This will be the second time the KinoSinoval takes place; it is one of the Open Night locations where a nighttime parallel screening will be held this summer on June 28-29. But the main guest of Obyrok’s KinoSinoVal will be the unique filmmaker from the village of Zhovtneve – Grandpa Dmytro Kozel with his short film program. You’ll be able to watch his features at CineShed, including Martians from Nakot (the village of Nakot is a neighboring village to Obyrok). The old man made his first camera out of a binocular. Later, in the 1960s, he’d buy his first real ‘cinematic apparatus’ and take shots of his neighbors and friend from surrounding streets and villages.


Two days of positive films in odoriferous hay, hikes in pinewoods, bathing in a lake and hot cocoa on homemade milk around night fire – that’s the way to spend a film weekend in Obyrok.



Obyrok will also host an art plein air ArtMobilizacia on June 21-29 where artists will paint and decorate old village huts.


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