Meet the moderators on 11th Docudays UA

23 March 2014

Films about human rights are not just well cut real life footages without comments. We aim at ensuring that viewers leave the cinema understanding the issues and the solutions described in our films. Therefore each Docudays UA program is moderated by a professional whose daily activities are connected both to film and human rights.


Competition program DOCU/LIFE is moderated by Iryna Zaitseva – the talented translator and extraordinary film expert. For few years she has participated in preparations to Ukrainian film festivals, such as Molodist and the IFF in Odessa.


The Docudays UA’s old friend, human rights advocate and journalist Maksym Butkevych moderates the DOCU/RIGHT program. Maksym works with issues related to ethnic minorities in Ukraine and coordinates the Without Borders project by Center Social Action which monitors the status of human rights in Central Asia and other regions, right for refuge and rights of refugees in Ukraine, as well as counteracts to xenophobia and racism. In 2007-2008, Maksym Butkevych acted as a member of the Amnesty International-Ukraine’s National Committee, a participant and trainer at National education program Understanding Human Rights.


Discussions of films shorter than 45 minutes and competing under DOCU/SHORT program are hosted by Oleksandr Vynogradov. Oleksandr is a long-standing expert in film and has worked as a translator at Docudays UA and Molodist film festivals. He also moderates the non-competition program ARTDOCFEST PRESENTS and our special event, screenings of Boris Mitic’s films.


Programs dedicated to prize winners of the main Canadian documentary film festival HOT DOCS, the ANDREI ZAGDANSKY RETROSPECTIVE, and DOCU/UKRAINE are moderated by culture expert and program coordinator of Docudays UA, Oksana Karpovych (Montreal, Canada).

Tetyana Kononenko, director and graduate of German Film and Television Academy, presents the programs DOCU/BEST and DOCU/ART.


Two years in a row among Docudays UA moderators works Natalya Gumenyuk, the international journalist (Hromadske TV), who often covers the topic of protests in various parts of the world. Natalka moderates the DOCU/RIOT program dedicated to films depicting peaceful ways in which people around the globe express their discontent with situations in their countries. Natalya will also moderate discussions of DOCU/ART films including films on protests by means of art.


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