Film Club Summer on DOCUSPACE

29 June 2021

From 5 July and until the end of August, watch your favorite films from the programme created in collaboration with the DOCU/CLUB project on and join RIGHTS NOW! human rights discussions and Tête-à-têtes. 


The DOCU/CLUB network today has over 400 film clubs across Ukraine with a collection of over 120 films. These are the films that we included in a special programme we made for you.

Until 2014, every time the March Docudays UA festival in Kyiv ended, we felt sad: all those wonderful films, so important for understanding the world, could not be seen by people in remote areas of Ukraine! We received hundreds of letters with requests to show festival films in different cities and villages. In the end, together with the authors of those letters, we started creating Docudays UA film clubs, making collections of the best films from the festival programmes of various years for them,” says Alla Tyutyunnyk, the director of Docudays UA’s Network Department. “To keep the online cinema open during summer vacations, we’ve decided to combine the possibilities of the DOCU/CLUB network, which works throughout the year, and of The thematic discussions and meetings with filmmakers within the Film Club Summer on DOCUSPACE for film club moderators (including librarians, teachers, professors, lawyers, civil activists) will become veritable masterclasses that will help them conduct the film discussions in their film clubs more professionally.”

Every two weeks, two new films and a discussion on a related topic will become available. The films will be free to watch. On 5 through 18 July, we will talk about the environmental crisis, the effects of overproduction of goods and consumerism on nature. And in the second half of the month, we will address the question of violations of personal freedom, particularly the problem of organ trafficking.

Watch the following on DOCUSPACE in July:

5 July – 18 July | Out of Fashion (dir. Jaak Kilmi, Lennart Laberenz) and No Impact Man: The Documentary (dir. Laura Gabbert, Justin Schein)

19 July – 1 August | A Woman Captured (dir. Bernadett Tuza-Ritter) and Tales from the Organ Trade (dir. Ric Esther Bienstock)

In August: 

2 August – 15 August | China's Van Goghs (dir. Yu Haibo, Yu Tianqi Kiki) and Granny Project (dir. Bálint Révész)
16 August – 30 August | The Good Death (dir. Tomas Krupa) and Gwendolyn (dir. Ruth Kaaserer)

We will announce the schedule of the online events soon.
25 – 
April 2022