This Is Real Life. Docudays UA at Molodist

22 May 2021

On the 50th anniversary of the Kyiv International Film Festival Molodist, Docudays UA is joining the festival events with its programme This Is Real Life. Docudays UA at Molodist. On 29 May – 6 June, celebrate the 50th anniversary of Molodist offline and online, watch the Docudays UA film programme at Zhovten Cinema, Kino 42 Cinema, and Oscar, and finally attend the multimedia project Well-trodden Paths live at the Dovzhenko Centre Film Museum.

“They say that 50 is the new 30. Molodist’s 50th year is radical maturity, a field for experimentation seized by a new enthusiastic team. Your powerful vibe is impossible not to feel! We are very pleased to congratulate the festival with a special present, the audience hits from Docudays UA and an exclusive multimedia exhibition project
Well-trodden Connections. Long live Molodist!” comments Viktoria Leshchenko, the programme director of Docudays UA and a jury member for the documentary competition of the Molodist festival.


The programme This Is Real Life. Docudays UA at Molodist includes the favorite films of the 18th Docudays UA from the national DOCU/UKRAINE competition and the non-competition programmes DOCU/BEST, MASTERS and DOCU/ART:

The exhibition project Well-trodden Connections from the 18th Docudays UA’s DOCU/SYNTHESIS Interdisciplinary Programme will be open to visitors on 28 May – 13 June at the Dovzhenko Centre Film Museum. In the exhibition, Ukrainian media artists from Photinus Studio, SVITER Art Group and Ivan Svitlychnyi engage in a dialogue with the visionary developments of the scientists of the 1960s–1980s and the popular science films of the Kyivnaukfilm studio of the same era.

“The exhibition of the multimedia project Well-trodden Connections was, from the start, built around the central installation which was supposed to bring all the components together both in terms of plastics and in terms of content. In addition, the media artworks themselves involve material objects and interactive elements. In any case, space, physical presence, temporality are incredibly important components of the language of artistic expression. Especially when the whole cultural process is forced to drift online,” notes Oleksandra Nabiyeva, the curator of the DOCU/SYNTHESIS Interdisciplinary Programme.


You can find out more about the Well-trodden Connections project by watching the 18th Docudays UA’s discussion Heart, Brain and Other Devices. How are popular science films, cybernetics and digital media related? with the artist Lera Polianskova, art critic Tetyana Kochubynska, and the programme curator Oleksandra Nabiyeva on DOCUSPACE.

From 24 May, look for the programme schedule on the Molodist website and purchase tickets at

The programme title, This Is Real Life. Docudays UA at Molodist was born as a result of cooperation with the Hres-Todorchuk Agency (the transparent lightbox project This Is Real Life) during the Docudays UA in March.

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